About AIM mView Suite


Air Interactive Media is a digital media company that manufactures a unique software Solution called AIM mView Suite. AIM mView Suite allows users to Connect, Share and Collaborate on a document, any-time, anywhere, on any mobile computing device.

Features & Benefits 

mAdmin: An executive dashboard provides administrators with a rich feature set including integrated tracking, reporting & monitoring. Unlike other Solutions, such as SharePoint, mAdmin does not have a complicated administrational hierarchy. Seneca College will be have complete control over AIM mView Suite being able to add and authenticate users, customize report to monitor usage and employ productivity in real time.  Continue reading

Cloud Services and Mobility – The BYOD Challenge

End-users will use their smart devices and want simple access to the latest business files. This means IT will need new security features to manage all the different devices out there. Other corporate considerations are the number of systems end-users need to perform their jobs, how much time does it take to learn new systems, and how easily an employee can find, share and/or collaborate on information from different sources. A good solution will connect, share and collaborate internally with external users with a design that can access any mobile or computing device.

The “Cloud” presents additional pathways for outsourcing and delivering services. Questions remain on just what functions and cloud services should be used, whether to employ public or private cloud services, and cloud security. At this same time employees are embracing mobile devices to do all their computer related work. Recognizing this trend most businesses allow the use of personal mobile devices to be used in the work place. A recent survey by the Aberdeen Group found that 72% of those polled allow the practice of BYOD – bring your own device.

The business use of personal devices used at work is rising dramatically, and this is true for both Apple iPhones and Android devices. The principal reason for allowing BYOD Smartphones and tablets is from employee demands for more mobile functionality.

Big BYOD Challenges:

  1. Security
  2. Costs
  3. APPS
  4. Private and Public Clouds

To learn more about the demographic changes in the new workplace and the 4 big BYOD challenges click on the download button below.

Whether you are just implementing a cloud service or adopting a BYOD strategy, AirInteractive Media (AIM) can help.  AIM is a third party cloud provider enabling companies to share and collaborate using smartphone technology.

Visit www.aimmview.com to sign up for your very own free trial of AIM mView Suite today!

Introducing Air Interactive Media

Air Interactive Media (AIM) is a start-up company in the Information Technology Sector. AIM is a digital media company with headquarters in Kingston, ON that manufactures a software solution called AIM mView Suite. The concept for mView Suite was inspired by AIM’s CEO, David Airey. Mr. Airey, a former Senior MPS (Managed Print Services) Advisor, worked with Dealers, VAR’s and Distributors across North America. The role required extensive travel and air-time exceeded 40,000 a year. Frustration with limitations and restrictions at airports, hotels and commute’s in between, spurred the “mobile device” centric concept and ultimately spawned mView Suite. mView Suite, the “m” meaning mobile and “view” meaning the ability to replace the printed document to full-view of a document … any document/file, anywhere, anytime, on any mobile & computing device. In 2012, software development began and in October 2013 mView Suite was officially launched at GTEC. mView Suite is unique in that it solves many current nuances and holes in the market, affordably. It is an extremely collaborative and User-friendly solution with file sync & share capabilities. What differentiates AIM mView Suite from others in the marketplace? We are the only Solution that is “out-of-the-box” ready for any OS and is applicable on ALL mobile computing devices. With innovative security features built in we maintain document security and provide organizations with a mobile device management policy for the BYOD movement through user authentication.