Introducing Air Interactive Media

Air Interactive Media (AIM) is a start-up company in the Information Technology Sector. AIM is a digital media company with headquarters in Kingston, ON that manufactures a software solution called AIM mView Suite. The concept for mView Suite was inspired by AIM’s CEO, David Airey. Mr. Airey, a former Senior MPS (Managed Print Services) Advisor, worked with Dealers, VAR’s and Distributors across North America. The role required extensive travel and air-time exceeded 40,000 a year. Frustration with limitations and restrictions at airports, hotels and commute’s in between, spurred the “mobile device” centric concept and ultimately spawned mView Suite. mView Suite, the “m” meaning mobile and “view” meaning the ability to replace the printed document to full-view of a document … any document/file, anywhere, anytime, on any mobile & computing device. In 2012, software development began and in October 2013 mView Suite was officially launched at GTEC. mView Suite is unique in that it solves many current nuances and holes in the market, affordably. It is an extremely collaborative and User-friendly solution with file sync & share capabilities. What differentiates AIM mView Suite from others in the marketplace? We are the only Solution that is “out-of-the-box” ready for any OS and is applicable on ALL mobile computing devices. With innovative security features built in we maintain document security and provide organizations with a mobile device management policy for the BYOD movement through user authentication.

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