About AIM mView Suite


Air Interactive Media is a digital media company that manufactures a unique software Solution called AIM mView Suite. AIM mView Suite allows users to Connect, Share and Collaborate on a document, any-time, anywhere, on any mobile computing device.

Features & Benefits 

mAdmin: An executive dashboard provides administrators with a rich feature set including integrated tracking, reporting & monitoring. Unlike other Solutions, such as SharePoint, mAdmin does not have a complicated administrational hierarchy. Seneca College will be have complete control over AIM mView Suite being able to add and authenticate users, customize report to monitor usage and employ productivity in real time. 

mShare- Interactive Collaboration Tools. This feature provides users the ability to share documentation, regardless of file type, with their colleagues into a secure vault. Often compared to Dropbox mShare provides files in a viewable or downloadable format. Where mShare differentiates itself from Dropbox is in its security and collaborative features. Other DMS Solutions have convoluted hierarchies and controls making it impossible to use as an external tool. AIM mView Suite can easily be used as an internal and external tool.

mChat- Engage, Interact and Collaborate – the ability to talk with your colleagues in real – time. AIM mView Suite is applicable on any mobile and/or computing device therefore mChat ensures users don’t miss a beat even if unable to collaborate in person.

mNote- Create, Save, Edit, Share & Rate. Similar to Adobe, users are able to make notes on documentation. AIM mView Suite has transformed “notes” to the next level. Users can make private or shared notes on documents that can be saved and download to aid users later with revisions. mNotes also contain a rating system for fast and efficient feedback. In cases where AIM mView Suite is used externally with clients mNotes and ratings are great ways to gauge involvement, feedback, and customer service.

mVault- Encrypted and Secured. A secured vault where documents are stored and organized into groups. Unlike other solutions including; SharePoint, Dropbox, Filehold, and Hightail, AIM mView Suite is proprietary. A user that administration has authenticated to that group can only view the documentation associated in that particular group. Unlike the Solutions listed above AIM mView Suite will never purge or view documentation unless specifically directed to do so by Seneca. mVault is organized in groups and subgroups therefore it serves as an effective project management tool. mSearch, new to version 1.0, is the ability to search for documents in the mVault by title and key words.

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