Canada- The Cayman Islands of Data Security?

Canada is known for being a peacekeeping nation so it should come as no surprise that we are also the safest place to store corporate data. A reason for this is that Canadian laws are now in place that ensure Canadian Business’ and Canadian Consumers’ personal information is protected.

There are three privacy laws now in effect in Canada. Two of these laws require the immediate attention of almost every Canadian business. If your business has been using best practices in information collection and digital messaging, there is every likelihood you are in compliance. However, if you are not sure of where you are, a good place to start is by reading our Canadian Privacy law whitepaper. Here are the three privacy laws:

1) The Privacy Act – The law and how it individuals and government held information.

2) Personal Information Protection & Electronic Documents Act – The law and what business need to do be in compliance.

3) Canadian Anti Spam Legislation – The law and what business must do right now to their electronic messaging methods.

If you weren’t aware of these laws before, I strongly encourage you to investigate. Download our Canadian Privacy Law whitepaper and learn about these laws, how they affect your business, and best practice guidelines for compliance.

Even if you are aware of these laws it is still hard to know what to do in order to be in compliance. With technology moving at such a rapid rate, it further complicates the situation. Rather than fall the way of a the dodo bird, Business must adapt to new technology.

Is Canada the Cayman Islands for Data Security? The short answer to this question is – yes. Due to the laws, political & humanitarian reputation, Canada is the perfect environment to store corporate data, the lifeblood of a business. No surprise that a staggering number of business use data centers whose network remains 100% within Canadian Borders.

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